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Sindri Hot Tub & Cold Plunge Combo

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FOR EXCLUSIVE PRICING CALL OR TEXT US AT 1-844-240-9233.  Whether you want cold water for a cool-down plunge after a sauna, or hot water to relax your muscles and relieve stress,...

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Whether you want cold water for a cool-down plunge after a sauna, or hot water to relax your muscles and relieve stress, the versatile Sindri gives you both options and everything in-between!  This Hot Tub consumes zero electricity or gas and does not require pumps, wiring, or filtration systems to operate.  Simply fill the tub with water and the fire box with wood and within a couple of hours your Sindri is ready to use.  The heated water rises and flows into the tub and pulls cooler water back into the heater to repeat the cycle!

Cold Plunge & hot Tub

Features :

  • Hot Tub cover included
  • Hot Tub step included
  • Free Flatbed Shipping
  • Hot Tub and Heater included

Dimensions :

    • Water Capacity - 615 L
    • Shipping Length: 68"
    • Shipping Width: 32"
    • Shipping Height: 45"
    • Shipping Weight: 200lbs  

    Installation Tips :

    • Foundation :  Foundation It is important to place the tub on a level surface that can support the whole weight of the tub (approx. 1000lbs). The foundation can be leveled with gravel, crushed concrete, pavers, a concrete slab, or a wooden deck. Since the hot tub wall height is over 33” high, a means of entry (eg: steps or step-down from a deck) is suggested

    • Wood Stove Hookup : Before hooking up the stove to the tub, run water from a garden hose through the top outlet of the heater to flush out any debris that may remain in the heater from manufacturing or from transport. When only clear water comes from the lower inlet you can hook up the stove to the tub with the included pipes

    • Grates :  There are grates in the bottom of the stove that are supported by a tray. The stove also includes a steel air plate that is placed on the top shelf to direct the circulation of air to the upper part of the firebox. Never operate the stove without these parts. Also, these parts may wear down and distort over time due to heat.

    • Chimney Installation : This package includes a 200 cm chimney + 100cm protective sleeve as well as a chimney cap. Use protective gloves when handling the chimney parts as the edges may be sharp. Remove the protective film from the thermal protection and place the assembled chimney onto the chimney outlet on top of the stove.

    • Fire Safety : The fire box and chimney should be placed a sufficient distance from other structures and flammable materials. The distances shown are typical, but local requirements may differ and should be checked prior to installation. There should be no flammable material located in front of and below the stove. The stove will not heat up above the water temperature as the stove is surrounded by a water jacket. The chimney and door of the stove will heat up, however.


    Operation :

    The tub will heat faster when covered by the insulated cover. The water temperature should be measured every 20 minutes during heating, and mixing the water with a paddle periodically will give you a better idea of overall temperature. When the temperature reaches approx. 90°F, it is advisable to reduce the amount of firewood added so as to avoid overheating the tub.

    The maximum recommended temperature is 104°F. When the desired temperature has been reached, you may keep a small fire burning as needed to sustain the temperature. Practice makes perfect, and in time you will find the ideal heat time and amount of fire needed to maintain your desired temperature and usage.

    If you are going to use the soak tub again at a later time you should put the cover on the tub to retain heat. The Barrel Soak Tub is just that, a soak tub and not a spa. It does not have a circulation pump or filter so is intended to be drained after each usage. If you want to leave the water in the tub for, say, a weekend or multiple uses, it is suggested to use bromine or other water sanitation method to keep the water sanitary during this brief time. Your local pool or spa dealer can recommend a specific water treatment for you.


    Maintenance : 

    • HEATER : Empty the ashes from the stove after each use so that grates and air slides will not be covered by the ashes.

      • INTERIOR : Wash and wipe down the interior of the tub after each use. After emptying and cleaning the tub, leave the drain tap open to allow water to drain from the pipes.

    • CEDAR EXTERIOR : The exterior cedar panels will weather naturally if left alone, but you may also treat the exterior with any preferred wood stain or sealer as desired or as recommended by your local paint store.

      • COMPOSITE EXTERIOR : Composite exterior materials withstand UV exposure and will not "grey". If the material gets dirty simply rinse and scrub lightly with a brush.

    • BELOW ZERO TEMPERATURES : Note that the discharge tap should always be left open in an empty tub. If water gets inside the tank from somewhere when the discharge tap is closed, water can freeze in the pipes and break parts. The external stove is emptied at the same time when you empty the water from the tub. Do not leave water in the tub or heater at sub-zero temperatures as the plastic drain pipes and taps freeze easily.

    • In case the exhaust hose/tap has frozen, the tub can be emptied by removing the stove to let the water drain from the lower hose. In case the stove is frozen, do not light a fire but rather thaw the stove slowly in warmer temperatures. Note! When emptying the tub, leave the cover slightly open, so that no vacuum forms in the tub.


    LT01: 70% wool, 15% polyester, 10% polyamide, 5% acrylic 900 Grms/mt

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