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Exterior barrel saunas are more than just outdoor structures, they are sanctuaries of calmness and warmth, an escape from the daily hustle and bustle. Designed to provide ultimate comfort, they are made for those in need of relaxation and tranquility. In a world full of constant demands, our barrel saunas promise a quiet escape where you can unwind and revitalize, leaving the stresses of everyday life far behind.

What is an Outdoor Barrel Sauna?

An outdoor barrel sauna, reminiscent of a charming barrel design, effortlessly blends aesthetics with functionality. Its unique shape isn't just visually appealing, it offers a range of practical benefits for outdoor settings.

Its distinct, curved structure optimizes space, making it a versatile and efficient addition to your outdoor space. Beyond its eye-catching appearance, the rounded design plays a crucial role in minimizing heat loss. Unlike traditional saunas, where heat rises and lingers in areas unreachable to the user, this dome-shaped design ensures that the sauna maintains a consistent and inviting interior temperature, a particularly crucial factor for outdoor installations.

Whether shielded in your backyard garden, overlooking a serene lake, or nestled amidst the wilderness, this dry sauna creates a warm and inviting retreat in a variety of exterior settings.

What are the Advantages of the Barrel Sauna Design?

The barrel sauna design offers a multitude of benefits that set it apart from traditional sauna structures. Firstly, its efficient heat distribution ensures the warmth permeates the entire space, providing a consistently comfortable sauna experience. This uniform warmth not only enhances relaxation but also contributes to the sauna's effectiveness.

Moreover, this compact sauna's space-efficient design is remarkable. It optimizes the interior space while keeping the exterior footprint to a minimum. This is especially advantageous for those with limited outdoor space, as it allows the sauna to be installed in smaller areas without compromising its spaciousness.

Lastly, thermowood home sauna barrels are a symbol of durability. Their rounded, resilient shape and sturdy materials can withstand various weather conditions, making them an excellent choice for outdoor use. The wood barrel sauna maintains its structural integrity over time, enduring harsh winters and sweltering summers with ease.

No barrel sauna is truly finished without acknowledging its nice open windows. Made of tempered glass, which makes it a distinctive addition to any outdoor natural environment. Furthermore, the panoramic barrel sauna model features an acrylic bubble rear window that allows you to take in stunning lake views or the distant landscape for the perfect sauna experience.

What Type of Wood Are Barrel Saunas Made From?

Our Outdoor saunas are primarily crafted from thermowood, which undergoes thermal modification to enhance the sauna's durability and longevity. Thermowood is a Finnish process where wood, typically Spruce or Pine, is exposed to high temperatures (356-446°F) in a low-oxygen environment for at least 56 hours, using only water and steam.

This treatment chemically alters the wood, degrading hemicelluloses, crosslinking lignins, and potentially changing the cellulose structure. These modifications enhance the wood's durability and alter its physical and mechanical properties.

While cedar barrel saunas are well-known for their innate resistance to decay, rot, and pests, thermowood delivers the added advantage of being highly resistant to water. This quality ensures that your sauna remains intact and free from issues like mold growth, even in humid conditions. The use of thermowood underscores the commitment to creating saunas that can withstand the test of time and maintain their structural integrity in various environmental conditions.

Do I Need a Building Permit for a Barrel Sauna?

The necessity for a building permit for your sauna installation can vary depending on local regulations. It is advisable to consult your local authorities to ensure compliance with your area's specific requirements. Many barrel saunas, designed with portability in mind, may not necessitate permits. Still, it is important to adhere to local guidelines.

How Do I Winterize My Outdoor Barrel Sauna?

As the seasons shift, the barrel sauna remains a source of warmth and relaxation during those cold winter months. To enhance the winterizing process, maintaining a cozy environment is crucial. You can achieve this by improving insulation on walls and ceilings to retain heat, ensuring a comfortable sauna experience.

Proper weatherproofing and sealing gaps or cracks help maintain warmth inside and keep cold air out. Regular maintenance includes washing your outdoor sauna with mild soap and low pressure to keep it looking and performing its best. In regions with substantial snowfall, don't forget to regularly remove snow from the roof. This is essential to prevent structural strain and ensure a safe and long-lasting sauna.

The team at Northern Saunas is here to provide guidance and support for all your winterization needs, making your outdoor barrel sauna ready for the colder months ahead.

Barrel Sauna Kits Vs Custom Installation

When it comes to installing a barrel sauna, you have a crucial decision to make. Opt for a DIY approach with a barrel sauna kit or invest in custom installation. Both paths have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, each catering to different needs and preferences.

Let's explore these choices in detail. Having the necessary information will help you make an informed decision that aligns with your vision for a new sauna experience.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Barrel Sauna Kits

Outdoor barrel sauna kits allow sauna enthusiasts to assemble their saunas themselves. These kits typically include pre-cut and pre-shaped components, allowing for a DIY sauna construction experience.

While installation kits are more cost-effective than custom installation services, they come with disadvantages that can cost you even more. Assembly can be complex and time-consuming, often requiring a good amount of patience and technical skills. Mistakes during assembly can lead to operational issues or safety concerns, underscoring the importance of precise construction.

Additionally, choosing a sauna kit means taking full responsibility for any early maintenance and required repairs. This can potentially demand a significant amount of time and effort on your part. It can also be costly to fix if anything goes wrong.

Benefits and Limitations of Custom Installation

At Northern Saunas, we take pride in offering unparalleled customer service that brings your vision into a reality. However, when it comes to installing an outdoor or indoor sauna, professional installation services are paramount. Northern Saunas understands this, and we recommend these services to install your outdoor barrel sauna to perfection. In this case, we are more than happy to recommend trusted professional installers who can ensure that your sauna is installed with the utmost precision and safety.

Opting for professional installation isn't just a time-saving decision, it's one that ensures every component is correctly placed, every detail is meticulously considered, and everything is perfectly aligned with your specific needs. At Northern Saunas, buying from us means more than acquiring a product, it means investing in a complete and satisfying experience. Our recommended professional services ensure that your sauna works perfectly right from the start, eliminating the complexities and potential incomplete installations associated with DIY projects.

Enjoy the assurance of a high-quality, perfectly installed sauna that promises endless relaxation and well-being.

What Barrel Sauna Customizations Should I Consider?

When customizing your barrel sauna, the options are as diverse as your unique preferences. At the heart of these choices is your selection of heater type. You can opt for a traditional sauna with wood heating, immersing yourself in the rustic ambience and the comforting crackle of heating stones.

Alternatively, if you prefer a controlled temperature electric sauna experience, electric heaters can be installed, so you can relax to your comfort level. You can also get modern features such as Wi-Fi controls that allow you to turn on the heater remotely.

You also have the possibility of customizing the inside to enhance your sauna spa experience with unique accessories like ergonomic backrests and sauna water buckets for the ultimate finnish sauna experience.

Whether you prefer a sauna with a porch or a half-moon wall in the back to admire the beauty of nature, these customizable features empower you to craft a barrel sauna that perfectly aligns with your vision of relaxation and wellness.

Why Choose Northern Saunas for your Outdoor Barrel Sauna? 

With years of experience, Northern Saunas dedicates itself to delivering top-quality products, guaranteeing relaxation and satisfaction. Our outdoor barrel saunas provide a premium wellness experience for numerous reasons.

Material Quality

Our unwavering commitment to quality sets us apart. All our barrel sauna models are crafted by skilled and experienced woodworkers using premium thermowood, carefully selected for its exceptional properties. Renowned for its durability and resistance to decay and water, each plank of wood selected ensures that your outdoor barrel sauna stands the test of time, even in the harshest of outdoor environments.

The selection between electric and wood-burning heating options not only caters to your personal preferences but also showcases the quality of materials we prioritize. Electric heaters provide the convenience of precise temperature control. At the same time, wood-burning stoves infuse your sauna experience with a traditional and rustic ambience. Regardless of the heater option you select, our sauna models are primed to offer the relaxation you desire.

Design Excellence

At Northern Saunas, our barrel saunas are a testament to design excellence, drawing inspiration from the rich traditions of Scandinavian woodcrafters. The iconic barrel shape we've perfected goes beyond aesthetics, it's a masterpiece of form and function. This design optimizes heat distribution, ensuring that your sauna heats swiftly and provides uniform warmth.

To further enhance your experience, installing panoramic windows seamlessly blends aesthetics and functionality. These acrylic bubble windows flood your sauna with natural light, offering picturesque views of the surrounding environment. Our barrel saunas also feature higher tier benches, so that you get the most out of the heat.

The result is an inviting, open, and luxurious sauna environment where you can bask in the warmth and comfort. Then it's time to cool off, our saunas offer the perfect complement to a refreshing cold plunge, ensuring a well-rounded and revitalizing experience.

Safety Measures

When choosing the perfect outdoor barrel sauna, we know safety is your top priority, and we have you covered. Our outdoor barrel saunas are designed with an array of safety measures that ensure a secure and enjoyable sauna experience.

First and foremost, our saunas are constructed with stainless steel bands that wrap around the barrel, providing exceptional stability. This not only guarantees the structural integrity of the sauna but also minimizes the risk of accidents.

All our models are designed using thermowood for the sauna's exterior. This thermally modified wood enhances durability and resists warping or cracking. Admire the view through tempered glass doors, known for their thermal resistance, to ensure that the intense heat inside remains safely contained.

Furthermore, our saunas are coated with a thermosafe protective layer, adding an extra insulation layer and safeguarding against overheating. You can also choose from a variety of heating options, each engineered for safety and efficiency, including electric and wood-burning stoves.

At Northern Sauna, your safety and comfort are our top priorities, making us the ideal choice for your outdoor barrel sauna.

Customer Support

Our knowledgeable team is readily available to assist you in selecting the right sauna model to meet your needs and preferences. We offer expert guidance on the sauna sizes, features and styles that align with your needs and requirements.

Your satisfaction and well-being are at the core of our service, ensuring you make the most of your sauna experience.

Our beautifully designed barrel saunas are your gateway to relaxation and bring a touch of rustic luxury right into your backyard. From intimate 2-person saunas to larger models, we have a size that suits your space and lifestyle.

Our commitment to quality ensures you'll enjoy efficient, long-lasting heat. So, why not turn your outdoor area into a tranquil haven for well-being? Step inside one of our luxurious barrel saunas, embrace the art of relaxation and reconnect with nature in your own private slice of paradise.