Greetings ladies and gentlemen ! If you are reading this very sentence then it probably means you’re already embarked on a wild, thrilling and adventurous sauna shopping journey. Your mind, body and soul is most likely fantasizing, dreaming and caressing the very idea of sweating in your own little home sanctuary on a regular basis. Perhaps even to transform in to a Finnish God or Goddess...

Although what was said above was quite romantic and pleasant, buying a sauna is no joke and require one to be extremely careful, analytic and smart in order to make the best decision and getting the best return on your investment.

At Northern Sauna, we wanna make sure to provide all the information, answers and details you need in order to spend your well-earned money into unparalleled quality, engineering and craftsmanship. All of that through a legendary customer service experience.

Our ultimate mission is to give you the tools to always stay sharp, optimal, healthy and relaxed during your daily activities. Whether you need a sauna to detoxify, meditate, get rid of pain, improve skin or for other medical purposes, we've got you covered ! 

Blow off steam ! Cultivate bliss ! You’re little quiet sanctuary is right around the corner, what are you waiting for to get it ? Choose yourself today !

Meet Our Team :



Gabriel :

As an notorious sweater himself, Gabriel loves to enjoy weekly hot yoga/pilates and sauna sessions with other “leggings enthusiasts” in order to keep himself healthy, sexy and sharp. Gabriel has always been fascinated and moved by the endless quest to become a better and healthier human being and in the last years have been especially interested by the positive effects of saunas on longevity.

Inspired by the work of Dr Rhonda Patrick and multiple studies pointing to a dramatic decrease in all-cause mortality from regular sauna use, Gabriel has integrated sauna into his weekly routine.

The main reason behind him and Alex associating to create Northern Saunas was the common desire to balance what we think are 3 of the most important components of an harmonious life.

  • Relentless Action Taking.
  • Physical, Mental, Social and Emotional Health.
  • Efficient Time Management.


    With that being said, Saunas have been a tool that both helped us balance those three elements in our own lives. We found them to have an incredible impact on our capacity to stay sharp, focus, proactive, calm and collected in the face of life’s challenges. No need to drive an hour back and forth to benefit from a good sweat, simply turn it on once you get home, and get in without losing any time.


    Alex :

    Since high school, health and fitness has always fascinated me. Intrigued and amazed by how complex the science behind body training was I started working out and experimenting with body hacking at an early age. Through years of experimentations, trials and errors, I managed to find the best practices to cultivate in order for my body and mind to be optimal. Be it with nutrition, physical training or saunas, my goal has always been to get the most ROI with as less work as possible. Call it lazy, I call it being smart.  

    Since I started using the sauna at my local gym, I absolutely wanted to get one for home.  As most saunas models today are custom built, It was impossible for me to get one until I discovered the infrared saunas. Those are compact, consume less energy and don't create excessive amount of humidity as other models which in an home setting can increase chances of mold formation.

    Needless to say that it was a game changer for me, I was able to warm my body, relieve stress, flush toxin, clean my skin, improve my cardiovascular performance and so much more in the comfort of my home. It was a product that had so much impact in my life that I wanted to help people around me getting all those benefits. It was the beginning of Northern Sauna.

    Reach out to 1-844-240-9233 for any inquiries.

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