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Country Living Coverage Interior Stoked Wood Stove (24 m3) by Saunacore

The ovens are designed to create dry and wet heat. The oven consists of the heater main box, the ash bin, and sauna stone compartment. There is a heat pocket in...

Vendor: Saunacore

The ovens are designed to create dry and wet heat. The oven consists of the heater main box, the ash bin, and sauna stone compartment. There is a heat pocket in the top section of the stove. The stones compartment is heated from 5 sides and has a pyramidal shape shutting upwards and focusing heat radiation. There is a narrow cast-iron tray between the stove and the ash bin. The stove door and the iron tray are situated so there is a threshold, hindering of pieces of wood or coal to fall out when loading the firewood. Necessary air for burning enters through the ash bin and iron tray.

The stove has one 115mm (4.5 inches) diameter outlets for smoke exhaust from the top of the stove. The trapazoidal smoke flue has two openings 115mm (4.5 inches) diameter with caps for cleaning. If your stove has the water inlet and outlet have external thread of 3/4" inches (optional) . Some of the ovens have a water heating system.

The stove has a heat pocket which is where the smoke flue outlets are located. Between the stove itself and the enclosure there is a smoke pocket of 50mm (2.0 inches) thickness, where heated air moves upwards. Upper clearance between the oven and the enclosure is covered with drilled grate. Holes from the grate allows free flow of air. The air is directed through the holes of the grate which promotes room heating.

The sauna stove has a heat-resisting paint which completely hardens only after the first burning or first initial use. At the beginning of the first use or burning, the paint softens. To not damage the paint, try to avoid any contact with any part of the painted surfaces before and during the first burning or use. During the first burning the painted surface may emit some odors, so keep area well ventilated. Do not add sauna stones at this time. Burn only with firewood.


  • This is a traditional authentic high quality wood burning sauna stove at its absolute finest!
  • Removable ash pan
  • 24 m3 avg coverage
  • Ideal for cottages and remote areas with no electricity
  • Mainly used for Barrel or Log outdoor sauna rooms
  • Made In Canada for Canadian Outdoors = Unsurpassed
  • Performance & Durability
  • Model with flush mount door is mainly used for firing room inside sauna
  • Sauna stones & chimney pipe is not included
  • Two choice of chimney exit, rear or top of stove. (115mm / 4.5” DIA)

Structural Specs:

  • Made from stainless steel and thick hot rolled steel plate
  • Flush mount door with glass viewing window.

Heating Specs:

  • Quick heat-up time and efficiency
  • Efficient design where flames do not reach chimney
  • Air movement between cover and inner body, quicker heat-up time
  • Hi Heat black paint and stainless steel upper
  • Soft heat through a large rock capacity tray

Oven Use:

  • Use only firewood. Do not use materials with a high combustion temperature (wood partical board, plastic, coal, etc).
  • The draught is regulated by opening the ash bin. Too strong draught overheats the oven and makes its service life shorter.
  • Heating of the sauna room depends on its volume

LT01: 70% wool, 15% polyester, 10% polyamide, 5% acrylic 900 Grms/mt