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Saunum WALL AirSolo Series, In-Wall Sauna Temp & Steam Equalizer, Adj Height

FOR EXCLUSIVE PRICING TEXT OR CALL  AT 1-844-240-9233. Message from the founder: When I founded Saunum, I was driven to revolutionize the way we sauna bathe. In the Nordic country of Estonia,...

Vendor: Saunum


Message from the founder:
When I founded Saunum, I was driven to revolutionize the way we sauna bathe. In the Nordic country of Estonia, a sauna is not just a sauna, it’s a fundamental part of our daily lives and our place for rejuvenation and relaxation! Equipped with my knowledge as a thermal engineer, I set out to redesign the traditional Nordic sauna heater and solve the problem of severe climate variation. I wanted to create an innovative solution that combines the best features of an authentic sauna with modern technology, enabling a more breathable and relaxing sauna experience without painful, scorching steam. Today I'm proud of the proprietary engineering that Saunum has developed, representing a revolutionary direction in sauna technology that is transforming the lives of sauna bathers around the world. I want everybody to experience the wellness benefits of sauna and feel the pleasure that a perfect sauna can offer.

Andrus Vare
Creator of Saunum

The biggest advancement in sauna technology in 70 years! Installed within the wall of your sauna, the adjustable-height (66.5” to 90.5”) Saunum AirSolo Wall transforms your sauna bathing experience by equalizing the temperature and steam throughout the room for a consistent heat balance from head to toe. No more cold feet! The AirSolo Wall will enhances the performance of any electric sauna heater and allows bathers to experience the same level of heat and steam regardless of whether they are seated on the upper or lower bench. Saunum’s patented air blending system draws heat and steam from near the ceiling, mixes it with cooler, more oxygenated air near the floor a smoother, more even temperature and oxygen throughout your entire sauna for a more gratifying sauna experience. A must-have for true sauna enthusiasts. To further enhance your sauna experience, air passes through Himalayan salt spheres to project ions into the air to promote healthy skin and respiratory relief. The AirSolo Wall allows you to enjoy longer, more satisfying sauna sessions. This behind-the-wall climate device is the perfect addition your sauna room.




  • Compatible with large and small saunas
  • In-Wall Installation
  • Consistent, balanced steam temperature
  • 3 Different airflow speed with adjustable ventilation grille
  • Himalayan Salt gives added benefits to the skin, and respiratory
  • Active sweating increased
  • Allows for longer sauna intervals




  • Heat equalizer
  • Air transfer module
  • Grille mounting bolt
  • Bottom tray
  • Wall-mounted external rotary switch
  • Himalayan salt spheres:7
  • Hanging strips (2)
  • Installation and operation manual




  • Model: AirSolo Wall
  • Heat Equalizer Material: Stainless Steel
  • Length: 8.89”
  • Width: 16.65"
  • Height: 66.5" - 90.5" Adjustable
  • Heat Equalizer Dimensions: 17.2"L x 8.9"D
  • Product height with Air Intake Grille: 84.9"
  • Power Supply Voltage: 120V/0.69 A 60HZ
  • Maximum Temperature allowed with Electric Heater: 194F/90C
  • Maximum Temperature allowed with Wood Burning Heater: 212F/100C
  • Air Intake Grille Measurements: 8.89" x 16.65"
  • Product weight: 66.14 lbs
  • Airflow Setting Switch Type: Touch Sensitive
  • Installation Type: Behind the Wall Installation
  • Safety Distance: There must be no objects in front of the climate device and your feet, and other body parts, must not be kept closer than 20".
  • Safety Disclaimer: Do not install shower heads or water spray devices above the sauna climate unit!

LT01: 70% wool, 15% polyester, 10% polyamide, 5% acrylic 900 Grms/mt