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Sauna Infrarouge Solo Lointain Sunlighten portable

POUR OBTENIR DES PRIX EXCLUSIFS , APPELEZ-NOUS OU ENVOYEZ-NOUS UN TEXTO AU 1-844-240-9233 Le sauna infrarouge Solo portable vous plonge dans nos panneaux chauffants SoloCarbon brevetés et un design léger et...

Fournisseur : Sunlighten


Le sauna infrarouge Solo portable vous plonge dans nos panneaux chauffants SoloCarbon brevetés et un design léger et élégant unique. Le chauffage par zone dans ce sauna pour une personne vous donne un contrôle total sur ce que vous voulez cibler le plus. Etant donné que la conception est divisée en différents dômes, vous pouvez sélectionner différents réglages pour trouver la température parfaite et vivre une expérience de rêve. C'est une solution très confortable, facile à utiliser et idéale pour faire une pause et se détendre quand vous en avez besoin.

Rétablir l'équilibre avec la lumière. Le système Solo est le seul sauna infrarouge portable à disposer d'un éclairage de chromothérapie intégré. Un réseau de LED fournit l'ancienne méthode de guérison de la thérapie par la lumière et la couleur pour améliorer la santé et l'harmonie. L'éclairage de chromothérapie améliore votre expérience de sauna à domicile en utilisant les couleurs du spectre de la lumière visible du soleil pour apporter équilibre et bien-être mental. En savoir plus sur la chromothérapie .

Système Sunlighten Solo

Caractéristiques :

  • 9 réchauffeurs Solocarbon
  • Technologie ultra faible EMF
  • Chromothérapie intégrée
  • Commandes de chauffage numériques basées sur la zone
  • Solopad exclusif et oreiller inclus

Dimensions intérieures (dôme) :

  • Largeur : 69"
  • Profondeur : 28″
  • Hauteur : 18″

Système Sunlighten Solo Plié

Dimensions du pad solo :

  • Largeur : 69"
  • Profondeur : 28″
  • Hauteur : 18″

Poids du sauna :

  • 46 lb (dôme solo)
  • 13 livres (solopad)


Radiateurs :

  • 9 dans le système Solo, 5 dans les dômes uniquement.


Electrique :

  • 120V, 1260W, 10.5A
    NEMA 5-15R, 5-15P

    Our Scandinavian outdoor saunas, shipped from our Canadian warehouse, are delivered right to your curb. We'll call you when your sauna is ready to ship and then email you the tracking details. The transport company will then contact you to schedule delivery once it reaches their local terminal.

    Included with the delivery:

    Sauna Crate

    You'll receive a crate with the sauna materials. The delivery driver may assist in lowering the crate, but you'll need tools to open it and at least two people to unload the components. This typically takes about 30 - 45 minutes.

    Glass Window (if applicable): 

    If you've ordered a special glass back, it'll arrive on a separate pallet. We try to synchronize the delivery of both items, but they may come separately. Check and note any missing items on delivery paperwork.

    Sauna heater, rocks and controls:

    When shipped with your sauna, they will arrive on a separate pallet. If they’re shipped directly from the manufacturer, we'll provide tracking information and coordinate the delivery timing of the heater with your sauna.


    Basic sauna accessories will arrive with your sauna. Other items like LED lights or salt panels are shipped separately and may arrive without needing a signature.

    Delivery Paperwork:

    Before signing, ensure all items listed are received and take photos of the crate/pallets. This helps us assist you if there are missing or damaged items.

    * If you're located in a remote area or a place where standard delivery trucks might have difficulty accessing, please inform us. We'll work out a specialized delivery plan for you, though this may require additional shipping charges. *

    Please watch this video below for an example of our curbside delivery procedure:

    How To Receive Delivery & Unload Our Scandinavian Barrel Sauna (7x8)

    We're committed to keeping our prices and inventory levels accurate for you. But hey, we're only human, and occasionally something might slip through the cracks. If you have any questions or spot something amiss, our Sales and Customer Service teams are just a message away. Don't hesitate to contact us for any clarifications or assistance!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews

    All the covers and sheets were not delivered. Also no booklet! I have to go online and print it! My order was almost 5 thousand dollars and not even instructions. Wow. The product itself looks good quality.excited to use it when I get the rest of my order

    Linda Hoang
    I love it!

    I use this everyday and has benefited my health. It's what I look forward to after work!

    Chad Correa
    Signature Solo sauna

    Wonderful customer service. Can't say enough about the guys at NorthernSaunas!

    As for the Solo unit I purchased, I'm happier than I expected! Very high quality construction, and using it really makes a difference that you can feel almost immediately! I've been using it for a week now and I haven't slept this good for as long as I can remember! I can feel it detoxifying my body. It's a must-have!