Panoramic Barrel Sauna

The allure of a sauna is undeniable. The sensation of enveloping yourself in a cocoon of warmth and letting your cares melt away is a universal indulgence. For those who desire relaxation and a touch of natural elegance, a panoramic barrel sauna is the ultimate choice.

What is a Panoramic Barrel Sauna?

The barrel sauna concept is a unique variation of the traditional rectangular sauna that merges timeless sauna therapy with the beauty of nature. These outdoor structures combine functionality with aesthetics. Handcrafted in Europe using durable wood materials, each model provides natural insulation thanks to its curvy barrel design, which keeps the warm air circulating.

What sets them apart is the large, real tempered glass window at the rear. Unlike the acrylic bubble window used by many other manufacturers, this material offers better heat retention and emits no toxins when heated. This glass also offers a more sophisticated, elegant finish and lets in plenty of natural light, providing a spectacular view of the surrounding landscape.

You can also install a sauna with a porch for a relaxing and visually appealing sitting area.

Why Choose Panoramic Barrel Saunas?

Our panoramic outdoor saunas offer benefits that set them apart as a premier choice for relaxation and well-being. They not only provide a unique escape but also enhance your property's aesthetics.

Unmatched Views

Our panoramic barrel sauna's standout feature is undoubtedly its breathtaking views. As you relax in the soothing heat, you can immerse yourself in the surrounding environment through the expansive circular glass window.

Quality Material

Our barrel saunas with panoramic windows are carefully designed to enhance your relaxation while immersing you in stunning natural surroundings. Skillful European woodworkers handcraft each sauna, ensuring you receive an unparalleled experience. Crafted from naturally treated thermowood, every model is engineered to withstand even the harshest weather conditions, from blizzards to storms.

Furthermore, the distinctive barrel shape promotes efficient air circulation, translating to a faster heating time than traditional saunas.

Ease of Installation

While having a panoramic sauna might seem intimidating in terms of installation, panoramic barrel saunas are surprisingly easy to set up. Their unique barrel design and modular construction simplify the assembly process. With detailed installation instructions and the assistance of our professional installation team (only available in Quebec and Ontario), you can have your perfect sauna ready in no time.

How to Maintain my Panoramic Barrel Sauna?

Ensuring your panoramic barrel sauna's longevity and peak performance is a simple process that begins with regular care and attention.

The interior of your sauna benefits from a periodic cleaning routine, removing dust and debris that may find its way inside. 

It's essential to gently wash benches and floors, using only a damp cloth or very light abrasive paper in the case of sweat stains, to make the wood as smooth as new. You can also use "supi wax" on interior surfaces for extra protection and greater durability of your sauna.

It's a good idea to conduct regular exterior checks. Look for any cracks or damage and promptly address them to maintain the sauna's structural integrity. When cleaning the exterior, use mild cleaning solutions to effectively remove accumulated debris.

Maintaining a luxury sauna is an ongoing commitment. A gentle wipe-down is recommended before and after each use, ensuring cleanliness and preserving the sauna's appearance. While inside, use a towel to prevent wood discoloration caused by sweat. 

If you want to invest in your well-being and elevate your surroundings with a panoramic barrel sauna, let the world outside become a part of your rejuvenating journey.